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Buying stocks by credit card

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Buying stocks by credit card

Bài gửi by wuhao93 on Wed Jan 14, 2015 5:45 pm

Well, in the flood of the same or similar sites offering buying stocks online ,even this site does not stand out. It is clear to discern what the site offers. All essential is on the main page: payment types,how to invest,referral commission,how to by stock online(inetrnet), payment proof,and of course, how the affiliate program works. The only „problem“ is that the site acts cruelly,it`s looks like someone’s blog, too tight of information in one place. How to purcahes shares online is discussed, but with so many small letters! The good things is that there are not many banners, no screaming:“ Take me, take me, I’m just yours, you’ll be a millionaire overnight,so.... that the site operates seriously. However..... little more design wouldn`t hurt. In this way the page looks like it wants to sell something,and not to gain a new affiliate. Just a little redesign would be enough.
I hope I have not offended webmaster?? purchase shares

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