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internet marketing

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internet marketing

Bài gửi by hanbaoquan on Mon Mar 23, 2015 12:17 am

A marketing campaign has three main elements. One is direct marketing to consumers involving direct intercellular eg leaflets , e-mail messages , letters by mail or mobile messaging . Another element is advertising , which means plaltirea communication service operators such as television , radio or print media through which to convey the desired message. The third main element of a marketing campaign consists of public relations . They occupy the markets in media editorial mention in their products or services . One of the major keys in a is to determine your target audience . For a retailer , people would probably be better able to represent the target audience. For noncommercial group , such as a campaign target group could be represented by people who have the strength of policymakers . Masking the true demographic audience will not only affect markets for marketing , but also the character of the message in the medium term . For example , text message marketing can have a more successful youth for a product they want them, than the older ones . Integrated Marketing or integrated marketing communication management is a concept that works from the premise that all aspects of marketing communications ( eg advertising, promotion , public relations and direct marketing ) works as a unified force , without allowing any to work isolated . In the language ’ Markinstinct ’ integrated means first coherent brand values ​​customer communication , interactivity and efficiency in cost , time and results delivered. 17992


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